Loan Guidelines

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Movies are available in 35mm, and in some cases, as a DCP. Prints will only be loaned to organizations for use on a two-projector (changeover) system. Prints will not be loaned for use on a platter projection system, or to be built up onto larger reels in order to reduce the number of changeovers unless specific permission is granted before the print leaves AGFA headquarters.

Print loan requests must be submitted in writing by email no more than 1 year and no less than 30 days before the desired playdate. Until a contract is signed and payment has been made, AGFA is not obligated to accommodate requests. Any booking that is requested from AGFA for a screening that is less than 48 hours away will require an additional rush charge of $50 per title.


No screening rights or clearances are expressed or implied by the signing of an AGFA loan contract. This arrangement covers the physical materials only. Any and all liabilities for screening rights are the responsibility of the borrower. The borrower is bound to return AGFA prints to AGFA — AGFA prints can never be given up to any other party under any circumstances.


AGFA charges a rental fee of $250 for up to two screenings or $350 for up to four screenings. Requests for more screenings per print loan will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Loan contracts are not valid until payment is received.

The borrower is responsible for all shipping charges and insurance of $3000 per print. All borrowers will be asked to furnish a FedEx shipping account number. Shipments within the US will only be made via FedEx 3-day Express Saver shipping. Shipping outside the US will only be made via FedEx International Economy shipping unless specific permission is granted. AGFA will not prepay shipping expenses for later reimbursement by the borrower.

Prints must be returned to AGFA prepaid and insured for $3000 per print, by the same shipping service that delivered it, in the same container it was shipped in, immediately after the final screening date.


AGFA inspects all prints before shipping. The borrower is responsible for reporting any discrepancy in representation of print quality upon delivery, and for notifying AGFA of any unreported damage discovered before projection. Otherwise, AGFA will assume that any damage discovered after return of the prints is the fault of the borrower.

Upon return of the film, head and tail leaders must be in the same condition as they were when the print was initially received by borrower. The borrower must return prints heads-out on the reels on which they were received. Reel ends must be securely fastened with at least 12″ of strong new tape. Reels must be returned to AGFA in the containers in which they were received.

Late return of prints may be grounds to refuse future loan requests.

The borrower will be expected to reimburse AGFA for lost prints and any form of damage including, but not limited to, heavy scratches, torn perforations, unauthorized cuts and splices, and breaks caused by the borrower during handling, projection, rewinding, or as a result of careless packaging and shipping, up to the full replacement cost of the print.

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