Doris Wishman, USA, 1967, JM, Sexploitation

“International intrigue, assassination attempts, and scantily-clad hostages abound in A TASTE OF FLESH, yet another berserk B&W nudie shot entirely in director Doris Wishman’s Queens apartment!

Predatory lesbo Bobi (Layla Peters), who shares an apartment with uninhibited exhibitionist Carol (everybody’s favorite love doll, Darlene Bennett), invites Hannah, a beautiful gal in a mangy fright wig she met in Europe, to stay with her while she’s in town (“Hannah” is sexploitation director Joe Sarno’s wife Peggy, under her frequent pseudonym Cleo Nova.)

But while Bobi takes a leisurely shower, two shady ‘plumbers’ appear and ask to check the pipes. Carol opens the door (you’d think these big city girls would know better) and Nick (Michael Lawrence the doll-obsessed pervert from INDECENT DESIRES) and Frankie (Buck Starr, the arrogant thick-lipped loser from TOO MUCH TOO OFTEN!) bust in. Surprise, surprise, they’re Hired Assassins following Hannah to find out when her boss, His Excellency the Prime Minister, arrives at a nearby hotel. As luck (and Doris’ plotting) would have it, Bobi’s apartment is the perfect location for a stakeout.” (Lisa Petrucci, Something Weird Video)

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  • 73 min.
  • B/W
  • 1.37:1