James Robert Baker, USA, 1984, AGFA + Bleeding Skull, Exploitation

“Even other tour de force SOV films seem scattered by comparison.” -- Scumbalina, Letterboxd

A hyper-transgressive, shot-on-video crime rager -- a Reagan-era “Bonnie & Clyde & Clyde” with endlessly quotable dialogue, a SoCal hardcore punk soundtrack, infectious John Waters-ian nihilism and scenes secretly filmed inside the borders of Disneyland! It's the smartest, sickest piece of New Wave cultural criticism you've never heard of -- and it’s gonna blow the roof off your dinky dome.

Soon after moving to the O.C. with her absent father and scheming Christian stepmother, Tammy the “teenage time-bomb” is kidnapped and led into a life of senseless violence by her two bisexual, escaped-convict companions Link and Troy. Produced for only $1,000 and rich with outrageous lines like “I’m gonna give you a scaldin’ Clorox enema!”, this truly fearless work by James Dillinger (aka playwright/novelist/anarchist James Robert Baker) was to be his only feature film before his suicide in the mid-’80s.

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  • 93 mins
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • Blu-ray