Doris Wishman, USA, 1974, JM, Sexploitation

“There should be a star on Hollywood Boulevard -- actually, *two* of them -- for the greatest sex freak of them all, Chesty Morgan, whose frighteningly pendulous 73" Hooters from Hell are the twin stars of DEADLY WEAPONS and this even crazier follow-up, DOUBLE AGENT 73. Unlike today's artificially inflated works, all 73 inches of Chesty's bazooms were the real thing.

Miss Morgan plays Agent 73, assigned to bust up a heroin ring. To accomplish this, she takes photos of everyone via a miniature camera surgically implanted in her left breast. Really. Whenever it's squeezed, a loud clicking sound is heard and a flash goes off. Honest. But --- get this -- the camera also has a time bomb in it(!), thus making her boobs, well, booby trapped. This really is the plot, folks.

But what’s perhaps most hilarious about DOUBLE AGENT 73 is that it is not, repeat, not a comedy. In fact, it's perversely violent. Chesty kills people right and left: she strangles a nurse, suffocates a man by filling his mouth with ice cubes(?!) and poisons a man with her nipple. She even whacks a mobster across the face with her giant jugs.

Just viewing Miss Morgan's mountains is exhausting. Though they're almost always on display, each unveiling nevertheless becomes an event. It's like watching a car accident; though you want to turn away, morbid curiosity compels you to stare. Watching a topless Chesty saunter around is akin to Godzilla trampling Tokyo. To see it is to disbelieve it.

There's also a bloody shower stabbing, a ridiculously sped-up car chase and far too much insanity to be listed here. Weird movies are often startling, but this one’s a full-scale assault.” (Frank Henenlotter)

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  • 73 min.
  • Color