Doris W, USA, 1963, JM, Sexploitation

"Witness The Breathtaking Story...The Secret Hideout...The Mystery of Woman!"

“Anne (Joan Bamford) and Tom (Lon Alexion) work in a real estate office, but must keep their marriage -- and (gasp!) nudist lifestyle -- from uptight boss Mr. Bennett (NUDE ON THE MOON’s William Meyer). When Bennett finds a card on the floor that reads ‘Member of the American Nudist Organization,’ he goes berserk and fires Tom, even though Tom is in the middle of closing a major deal.

Despondent, Tom relaxes at his friendly local nudist camp -- specifically, the Sunny Palms Lodge in Homestead, Florida -- and sits around in a lawn chair, moping: "It’s hard to look cheerful when you don’t know how you’re going to pay the rent!" Camp Director Bill Hardy listens to his sob story, then lets Tom take over as temporary Camp Director while Bill goes on vacation. (Though, you have to ask: where do you go on vacation when you’re a Nudist Camp Director?)

Through a strange plot, Bennett eventually takes a tour around the club, receiving careful explanation about how natural and hygienic nudism is, and demonstrating that... well, GENTLEMEN PREFER NATURE GIRLS. Bennett observes a nude volleyball game, a nude basketball game, a nude accordion sway-along, a nude teeter-totter, and even nude archery (taught by SCUM OF THE EARTH sex fiend Craig Maudlslay, Jr.) But what really sells him is the work of ‘Ben Jones, famous botanist,’ who did the landscaping and is also, incidentally, a nudist. ‘I suppose I was a tyrant but I see things differently now,’ proclaims Bennett.

Yes, another tight-ass boss saved by nudism!” (Janet Harvey,

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  • 71 min.
  • Color
  • 1.37:1