Gerard Damiano, USA, 1974, Vinegar Syndrome, XXX

Part of Vinegar Syndrome’s extraordinary archive of vintage XXX films.

After his triumphs with 1972’s DEEP THROAT and 1973’s THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, X-rated auteur Gerard Damiano graced 1974 with this duel homage to Hitchcock’s PSYCHO and his own MISS JONES. A chilling study of loneliness and sexual repression, MISS AGGIE ranks among the strongest and most unsettling psychological character studies in erotic cinema.

The only thing missing from Aggie’s life…was Aggie. In the middle of nowhere lives middle-aged Aggie with her wheelchair-bound companion Richard. As snow falls outside, Aggie tries desperately to remember the circumstances under which they met. As she plays through possible scenarios, only to dismiss each as a false past, she inadvertently reveals an increasingly dark portrait of her true self...

Featuring Kim Pope, Mary Stuart, and Darby Lloyd Raines as Aggie’s fictitious past selves, along with supporting performances from Eric Edwards and Harry Reems, underpinned by a haunting screenplay by Ron Wertheim (THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS).

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  • 75 min.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP
  • Blu-ray