Don Sharp, UK, 1973, Arrow Films, Exploitation

American gave motorcycle-mad cinemagoers EASY RIDER, THE WILD ONE and THE WILD ANGELS . . . and Britain gave them PSYCHOMANIA, the tale of zombie bikers run amok in southern England.

Meet the Living Dead: a co-ed biker gang terrorizing a small English village by chasing cars off the road, buzzing pedestrians, and sporting atrocious haircuts -- until their longhair leader discovers the secret of eternal life under the guidance of his frog-worshipping occultist mum. He willingly commits suicide in the belief that you’ll come back from the dead -- and once zombified, nothing can kill you. Directed by Hammer veteran Don Sharp (THE KISS OF THE VAMPIRE) -- and with character names like Hatchet and Chopped Meat, spectacularly shlocky effects and a ghoulish, benchmark ambient psych score -- PSYCHOMANIA delivers the goods.

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  • 85 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP
  • Blu-ray