Rene Martinez, Jr., USA, 1978, AGFA, Blaxploitation

Part skid-row crime caper, part sci-fi weirdness and all hilarious, SUPERSOUL BROTHER is the prime vehicle from Chitlin’ Circuit wunderkind “Wildman” Steve Gallon.

Shot in Miami for the price of a dozen doughnuts, this lunatic odyssey starts with midget mad scientist Dr. Dippy(!) helping the mob develop a formula that makes users super-strong, bulletproof -- and, after two days, super-dead. Obviously, it's hard to get sensible volunteers to sign up for this treatment. So, the mobsters experiment on the nearest wino, who happens to have a taste for chaos and ridiculous one-liners.

The cracked perfection of SUPERSOUL BROTHER all comes from “Wildman” Steve, whose stoned delivery turns even the stupidest dirty jokes into gut-busting showstoppers. This dude can say anything in the English language and make it funny. Watch as he ad-libs like crazy and steps all over his confused co-stars’ lines! We’re still on the lookout for the sketch comedy sequel, AIN’T THAT JUST LIKE A HONKEY?

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  • 80 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP