Sokrates Kapsaskis, Doris Wishman , USA/Greece, 1965, JM, 79 min.

“While vacationing in Greece with her second husband Louis Silverman (although she wasn’t keen in taking his name in marriage, director Doris Wishman was more than happy to add hubby’s handle to her ever-expanding list of pseudonyms), Wishman stumbled upon a small-time film company in desperate need of funds, ultimately returning home with the rights to THE HOT MONTH OF AUGUST and PASSION FEVER -- purloining both productions for less than $4000.

En route back to New York, Doris absentmindedly left her briefcase containing both translated scripts on a train, forcing her to rewrite the narratives from scratch while overdubbing the original dialogue (a prevalent practice throughout her entire career).

To make matters even more bizarre, Doris spiced up AUGUST with a slew of newly filmed sexual escapades. Solving the problem in typically warped Wishman fashion, Doris went to great comical lengths to obscure the faces of her body doubles with a variety of foreground bric-a-brac – potted plants, furniture, and a succession of undraped skin – resulting in a festival of featureless flesh that would have been more aptly titled ‘Planet of the Faceless Fornicators.’ If you thought Wishman’s world was a wacky place before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Although even a rhesus monkey could tell the difference between the dumpy debutantes of Wishman’s footage with the original’s svelte sirens, it doesn’t matter much. The added gropin’ and grindin’ are exactly as they should be: extensive, enthralling and, best of all, occurring every five minutes.” (Vince Bonavoglia, Media Unleashed)

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  • Sexploitation
  • B/W
  • 1.85:1