Doris Wishman, USA, 1975, JM, Sexploitation

“If you’re looking for stylish ‘70s chicks kicking major ass, THE IMMORAL THREE is the real bra-less deal. ‘They Love! They Kill! There’s Nothing They Wouldn’t Do!’ screams the ad line for this "sequel" to Doris Wishman’s DOUBLE AGENT 73. But if you haven’t seen the original, don’t fret -- this film has nothing to do with it!

Once you’ve seen the introductory montage — see Double Agent 73 sleep with men in Moscow and Munich, slip them mickeys, and stab them with pitchforks! — you’re completely caught up and ready to follow the adventures of her three daughters — Sandy, Ginny, and Nancy — as they attempt to avenge her death and collect their three million dollar inheritance.

Fans of BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL and ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MAN will be glad to see the Wishman trademarks here in full force: bizarre camera angles, violent wrestling sequences, and plenty of lolling around in half-off negligees. Surreal!” (Janet Harvey)

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  • 74 min.
  • Color