Walerian Borowczyk, Poland, 1975, Arrow Films, Arthouse

“Passionately intense, and extremely entertaining” -- Time Out

In his NY Times obit, surrealist icon Walerian Borowcyzk was described variously by critics “as a genius, a pornographer, and a genius who also happened to be a pornographer.” Over a 40-year career, Borowczyk specialized in both experimental animated shorts, and highly sexualized portraits of Euro decadence. Terry Gilliam, Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay have all expressed admiration for this unique filmmaker.

Released the same year as his arthouse monster movie THE BEAST, STORY OF SIN tracks a beautiful, pious young woman thrown into chaos when her parents take in a dashingly handsome lodger. After their torrid affair, the lodger goes to Rome to seek a divorce from his estranged wife. Unable to live apart from her beloved, our heroine leaves home only to fall prey to the infatuations and lusts of noble admirers, unsavoury criminals and utopian do-gooders. The end result is an appealing gateway film for those new to Borowczyk, showing off his skills as a peerless creator of rich atmosphere with bursts of shocking passionate behavior where you least expect it.

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  • 130 mins
  • Color
  • 1.66:1


  • DCP
  • Blu-ray