Michael Laughlin, Australia, 1981, All Channel Films, Horror

“One of the best horror movies you’ve never seen” -- Fangoria

“An infectiously fun hat-tip to the horror flicks of [the ‘50s”], with a deservedly legendary dance party sequence that reveals an ambition and thoughtfulness that transcends the film’s apparent genre.” -- Metrograph

“This half-camp, half-sincere take on pulp slashers chronicles a small-town sheriff’s investigation of a series of gory murders -- while his son volunteers for some dodgy, and quite possibly homicidal, experiments at the local university. The film successfully passes off the Victorian architecture and rolling hills of Auckland for suburban Illinois, mixing an imported cast (including Michael Murphy, Scott Brady, Marc “Jimmy Olsen” McClure and the Oscar-winning Louise Fletcher) with local actors trying to disguise their New Zealand accents. Tangerine Dream’s contrapuntal score perfectly complements the sense of dislocation and forced not-quite-right Americana, laying its iciest synthesizer riffs over the sweet teen romance scenes.” (BAMcinématek)

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  • 89 mins
  • Color
  • 2.35:1


  • DCP
  • 35mm


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