Steven DeFalco & Ron Ottaviano, USA, 1989, AGFA + Bleeding Skull, Horror

A heavy metal killer is on the loose! The killer preys on young girls that he allures at the heavy metal club. Once taken in, unsuspecting victims are tortured and murdered in a variety of gruesome ways. A giant sledgehammer and chainsaw are among the murder weapons used. The police are called in to capture the heavy metal killer. The story takes a bizarre twist.

Shot in Rhode Island by the beautiful, golden-haired mystery known as Bobbi Young, HEAVY METAL MASSACRE was never distributed properly on home video, making modern theatrical audiences some of the very first folks to ever lay eyes on its charms. Bleeding Skull’s release has been transferred from the original 1” master tapes, making it the best looking-and-sounding version of HEAVY METAL MASSACRE that has ever been available.

This release is dedicated to the memory of Bobbi Young, R.I.P. (1989-1991).

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  • 83 mins
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • Digital