Frederick R. Friedel, USA, 1976, Severin Films, Cult

Writer/producer/director/actor Frederick R. Friedel made only two enigmatic, startling low-budget thrillers during the ‘70s -- AXE and KIDNAPPED CO-ED -- and only now are grindhouse historians beginning to compare Friedel’s films to those of David Lynch and Terrence Malick. They pack more punch than most trash auteurs’ entire bodies of work.

Decades ago an unforgettable film came from the Carolinas, one in which star-crossed lovers are sullied by sexual sadism, in which hayseed sincerity is tarnished by pitch black humor, and Rockwellian idylls are rife with grisly crime. No, not BLUE VELVET; ten years before Lynch’s neo-noir, Frederick Friedel birthed KIDNAPPED CO-ED.

A perfect Clint Eastwood/Harry Dean Stanton hybrid hijacks an heiress for her daddy's money, but a disturbing detour leads the unlikely couple deep into the heart of darkest America, where unspeakable thrills await. This Stockholm Syndrome fairy tale is incandescent with unthinkable images, uproariously (and intentionally) funny dialogue, heartbreaking romance and irresolvable mystery; that it doesn't enjoy TWIN PEAKS-level fame is a crime worse than kidnapping.

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  • 76 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP