Charles Band, USA, 1990, Full Moon, Horror

“One of the strangest and most memorable offerings from Full Moon’s early days.” - MONDO DIGITAL

A particularly sophisticated European production from Full Moon, MERIDIAN stars Sherilyn Fenn (TWIN PEAKS) as a beauty destined to slay the beast she loves. In this case, he’s a De Sade-like nobleman with a penchant for shape-shifting into a subhuman monstrosity, but her lustful obsession with him only grows as his hair does the same . . . all over his body. A dreamlike horror romance with the atmosphere of a Merchant/Ivory film but all the otherworldly wildness of Charles Band, MERIDIAN is both poised and primal, gorgeous and gory, and unlike anything else you’ll see in this lifetime.

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  • 85 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP


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