Richard Franklin, Australia, 1978, All Channel Films, Horror

“If there’s a seminal Ozploitation film, it’s arguably PATRICK. Together, the all-star Aussie team of schlockmaster producer Antony Ginnane, director Richard Franklin (PSYCHO II, ROAD GAMES) and writer Everett De Roche (RAZORBACK, LONG WEEKEND) shaped a fascinating film that blends Eurosleaze with Hitchcockian suspense. And, as its era’s most memorable hook: a coma patient who still manages to kill despite his infirmity.

Before he’s reduced to a vegetative state, mama’s boy Patrick (a creepy-as-hell Robert Thompson) goes psychotic when he overhears Mom screwing in the room next door, dumping a space heater into her tub which sends her and her lover up in flames. Years later, he’s the star attraction at a local hospital where Kathie has become a nurse. She’s assigned to Patrick, who’s been kept on life support by a doctor researching metaphysics. Patrick is supposedly unresponsive, but Kathie uncovers he’s developed a sixth sense. What she doesn’t know is he’s also developed an unseemly attraction to her -- setting up one of cinema’s greatest screwy love entanglements.” (Brett Gallman, Oh The Horror!)

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  • 112 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP


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