Hope Perello, USA, 1994, Full Moon, Cult

“An absolute masterpiece of puppetry and child acting. I give this a grillion stars.” - Madeleine, LETTERBOXD

If horror factory Full Moon ever produced a film that could be referred to as a kids’ classic, this is it. A pair of congenial cowboys set up a pet shop in rural Arizona, dazzling the local adolescents with a bountiful bevy of cuddly critters. Naturally, no one suspects that these rootin’-tootin’ dog dealers are secretly extraterrestrials who are using their furry friends to lure children to be used as space food! More importantly, these aren’t your mama’s dogs and cats; they’re shape-shifting alienoids with unimaginable powers. PET SHOP is a spazz-paced, feel-great, family-focused blasteroid of deeply bizarre entertainment, completely unique in this catalogue AND this galaxy.

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  • 87 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP


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