David Schmoeller, USA, 1989, Full Moon, Horror

“A terrific piece of straight-faced, straight-to-video creepiness which has stood the test of time.” - M.J. Simpson

Producer Charles Band has inarguably built the world’s largest empire of tiny terror. And for all of his ghoulies and dangerous toys and gingerdead men, none of his miniature monstrosities have tapped into audiences’ minds like the PUPPET MASTER franchise. Currently standing at thirteen (!!) sequels and running strong, the saga has become one of the most enduring in horror history. It all started here under the skilled command of writer/director David Schmoeller (TOURIST TRAP), who weaves a wicked world of perverse puppets doing the bloodthirsty bidding of their crackpot creator Andre Toulon (the great William Hickey). Each of his small-scale slaughterers has their own unique characteristics: microcephalic mangler Pinhead, vomitously vampiric Leech Woman, spectral slasher Blade and more, setting the foundation for the unstoppable undersized universe of PUPPET MASTER.

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  • 90 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP


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