Francis Teri, USA, 1990, Jim Markovic, Horror

“A scuzzy, claustrophobic, stringy mess of repulsiveness; I love when shitty people get trapped in a house and have to figure out how to survive, especially when the house becomes a womb and the people become increasingly shittier!” (Ian West, Letterboxd)

A gleefully violent, offbeat monster horror-comedy from one-and-done director Francis Teri. THE SUCKLING blends gratuitous gore, nonchalant T&A, outer-borough New Yawk flavor and a side helping of social commentary.

After being tricked into an abortion at Big Mama’s underground clinic / brothel, a young woman’s extracted fetus is flushed into the sewer system wherein it’s exposed to toxic waste (a lovely Eighties favorite) and mutates into a beast. The girls, johns and other assorted weirdos find themselves trapped inside the brothel, forced to face off with the agitated prenatal creature in a high-stakes quest to stay alive, or at least in one piece!

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  • 89 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP