Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2007, Severin Films, Horror

“So many fetuses, exploding heads, zombie master race children, and an evil gorilla! Hell, I think this is one of my favorite zombie movies now. It's cheap and poorly dubbed like the other late Bruno Mattei features, but it does absolutely everything it can to provide a damn good time. They really made the most out of the budget with this, and everything from the sets to the makeup is just great. Damn, this was fun. Ciao, Bruno!” -- “drauch58”, Letterboxd

After the “golden age of Italian exploitation” concluded at the end of the ‘80s -- no one told goremeister Bruno Mattei (HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD, RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR) to stop making ‘80s Italian exploitation movies! In the 2000s, Mattei produced nearly a dozen exploitationers with the same verve and whackadoo style that were hallmarks of his work in the classic period. This shit is a blast, y’all.

In what would sadly be his final film in a very long and storied career, Mattei delivers his ultimate over-the-top Aughties masterpiece. In this insane rip-off of ALIENS, he packs the screen with shredding flesh, munching guts, exploding heads, undead births, borrowed footage, stolen plots, zombie midgets and more.

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  • 90 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP