About AGFA

The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) is the world’s largest archive dedicated to genre movies and filmmakers, and the only known 501(c)(3) non-profit film distributor. Formed in 2009, AGFA is committed to preserving the legacy of genre films through our archival work, sharing these movies through our home video label, and promoting the power of genre through our theatrical distribution arm. Since its inception, AGFA has rescued over one-hundred features from the void, including the works of exploitation pioneer Doris Wishman, underground trash-art king Jon Moritsugu, Riot Grrrl icon Sarah Jacobson, and found-footage founder Joe Dante. AGFA’s archives house over six-thousand 35mm film prints, a 4K scanner, and prestigious libraries such as the Something Weird archive. AGFA exists to preserve the legacy of genre movies through collection, conservation, and distribution. We satisfy this mission by rescuing, restoring, and sharing largely forgotten films on home video and in theaters, as well as providing film scanning and restoration services.