AGFA announces the preservation of Something Weird S-VHS master tapes

Why preserve Something Weird S-VHS masters? Obviously, because it’s fun. But these tapes are also historically important.

In the 1990s, Something Weird revolutionized the home video landscape by unleashing thousands of outlaw exploitation films on VHS. To this day, some of these mega-rare tapes include the best-available versions of movies that have fallen into a black hole of neglect. That’s why we’re saving and sharing them. They make us happy, so we have a feeling that they’ll make you happy too.

After being in storage for years, the Something Weird S-VHS collection is now organized and on display at AGFA HQ. We’re thrilled to share new digital transfers of some of our favorites, starting with THE EMBALMER (1965). A forgotten proto-giallo from Italy, THE EMBALMER is the wild story of a skull-faced slasher who wears a monk robe while stalking victims along the canals of Venice. What more could you want out of a movie?

We’ll continue to make these transfers available as exclusive downloads to complement our theatrical and Blu-ray preservations with Something Weird.

Download THE EMBALMER and own a piece of home video history for a donation of 99 cents, or pay-what-you-want.