Daniel Erickson, USA, 1991, AGFA, Horror

A new 2K preservation of the unreleased horror-blast starring Academy Award© nominee John Hawkes!

Never legitimately distributed until this very moment, SCARY MOVIE is a joyous horror triumph starring Academy Award© nominee John Hawkes. On Halloween night, big-time nerd Warren (Hawkes, channeling a mix of Buster Keaton and Crispin Glover) attends a spookhouse in a small Texas town. But is the haunted house as harmless as it seems, or has a psychotic mental patient found a new stomping ground? Shot in Austin, Texas, SCARY MOVIE combines Argento-esque neon, Freddy Krueger dreamscapes, and slapstick inspired by EVIL DEAD 2 to forge a valentine to Halloween, rubber monster masks, and chopped-off limbs. From the songs by Roky Erickson and Butthole Surfers to the surrealistic mood, this is a true discovery for adventurous horror-heads.

- 2K preservation from the original 16mm camera negative!
- Commentary with director Daniel Erickson and Joseph A. Ziemba of AGFA!
- MR. PUMPKIN and LITTLE HERO short films by Daniel Erickson!
- Original theatrical teaser trailer!
- Behind-the-scenes photo gallery!
Reversible cover art with illustration by Charles Forsman!

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  • 82 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • Blu-ray + DVD