Brett Whitcomb, USA, 2008, AGFA, Docs

THE ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION is the true story behind one of the strangest pop culture phenomenons of the 1980s. Before being mysteriously replaced by Chuck-E-Cheese, the ShowBiz Pizza chain (and its animatronic rock band, the Rock-Afire Explosion) took the U.S. by storm and eventually inspired the hit video game FIVE NIGHT'S AT FREDDY'S. This documentary chronicles the rise and fall of ShowBiz Pizza, the Rock-Afire Explosion, and the obsessive fans who have kept the dream alive. Produced DIY-style by filmmakers Brett Whitcomb and Bradford Thomason (GLOW: THE STORY OF THE GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING), THE ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION is a joyful and touching look at the importance of nostalgia and the eternal quest to stay young. AGFA is excited to bring this overlooked doc to Blu-ray for the first time, complete with enough extras to inspire a million animatronic sing-alongs.

• Preservation from the original digital master
• Commentary with filmmakers Brett Whitcomb and Bradford Thomason
• Outtakes
• Vintage Creative Engineering promo video
• Vintage "Tune Machine" skit
• Vintage "Willy Rabbit" news broadcast
• Vintage “Pizza Party” promo video
• Vintage “Uncle Klunk” promo video
• Original home video trailer
• Behind the scenes photo gallery

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  • 72 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • Blu-ray