Brian Yuzna, USA, 1989, Arrow Films, Horror

“Already a hero in the horror genre for producing films like RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND, Brian Yuzna unleashed the demons locked inside his warped mind with this spectacularly insane directorial debut. Billy Warlock (“Baywatch”) stars as a pampered Beverly Hills teen whose world is golden, until his sister's ex gives him an audiotape of what sounds like his family partaking in an incestuous, murderous orgy. Thus begins his journey down a gore-and-goo-lined rabbit hole into the shocking underbelly of 'high society...’

SOCIETY encapsulates all that made the ‘80s a halcyon age for horror; bursting with truly bizarre ideas, the film is a cavalcade of winking satire and social commentary, and culminates in an epically grotesque twenty-minute finale (designed by legendary SFX artist Screaming Mad George) that remains one of the genre's most out-there, boundary-pushing memorable endings -- one you will run out and beg all of your friends to later witness.” (Josh Miller, Friday Night Frights)

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  • 99 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP
  • Blu-ray