Dave Adams, USA, 1977, AGFA + Something Weird, Horror

Ultra-obscure! Ultra-bananas! Filmed in Charlotte, NC by one-time director/writer/producer/editor/stunt coordinator/casting director Dave A. Adams, ANOTHER SON OF SAM could be called a proto-slasher. We prefer to call it a rite of passage.

This dirt-cheap true crime rip-off has no connection to the Son Of Sam, let alone “another” Son of Sam. So what's it all about? We have no idea. But it’d got something to do with an escaped mental patient named Harvey, some sweet speedboat jumps, SWAT troopers, and a lounge singer named Johnny Charro. Oh, and how could we forget, an abortion! However, this movie isn't about the final outcome, it's about the sick-ass journey. This is 74 minutes of mid-sentence freeze frames, drunken camera tricks, big fat synths, bloody deaths and slow motion chases, all conspiring to build a ridiculous facsimile of an actual film.

Dave A. Adams never made another movie, but he clearly never watched one before making ANOTHER SON OF SAM. We'd call it even.

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  • 70 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP