Robert Golden, UK, 1994, Troma, Cult

“…a chaotic mishmash of physical theater and gross-out schlocker…” -- Derek Elley, Variety

Beg! is a dark surreal vision in the tradition of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, BRAZIL and CITY OF LOST CHILDREN. When Dr. Penelope Second learns that her lover has been murdered and her father has fallen into a coma at the decrepit mental hospital where she works, her universe begins to slowly unravel around her. As the corrupt hospital board launches an investigation into these surreal events, the confused young doctor finds herself trapped in a psychotic nightmare of deception and betrayal where nothing is what it seems.

This rarely screened, mid-90s indie oddity is now available for booking!

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  • 108 min
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP