William A. Levey, USA, 1973, Xenon Pictures, Horror

“From the gory aftermaths of ripped flesh to the exterior shots of Dr. Stein's statuesque mansion sy night, this movie looks great!!” — Hollie Horror, LETTERBOXD

Experience Mary Shelly’s horror classic through a Vietnam-shattered, micro-budget, entrail-smothered lens! You may have heard of BLACKENSTEIN, but the real story is even more bizarre: In 1973, criminal-lawyer-turned-wannabe-monster-movie-mogul Frank R. Saletri wrote and produced this grindhouse hit about a Black soldier mortally wounded in Vietnam transformed into a rampaging monster by a mad scientist in Los Angeles. Almost a decade later, Saletri himself would be murdered gangland-style in a crime that remains debated – and unsolved – to this day. John Hart (TV’s “The Lone Ranger”), 1940s Hollywood starlet Andrea King (THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS) and even former mob moll/stripper Liz Renay (DESPERATE LIVING) star in this jaw-dropper, restored for the first time ever!

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  • 87 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP