Jess Franco, Spain, 1981, Severin Films, Horror

“A sexy gross-out carnival ride from the king of Eurosleaze” -- AV Maniacs

As the “body count” horror genre stabbed its way into early ’80s audiences’ hearts, trash auteur Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS, SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY) was asked to create his own saga of slaughtered schoolgirls complete with gratuitous nudity, graphic violence and gory setpieces. Franco shocked the world by delivering surprising style, genuine suspense and a cavalcade of depravity including incest, voyeurism and roller disco!

“Transforms a predictable subgenre into otherworldy aesthetic bliss. BLOODY MOON peels the skin off the slasher, stretching and tanning it into a Pop Art phantasmagoria of distended time and synth-hook longing and sunlight glinting off the most amazingly dressed, mannequin-gorgeous adults playing students. The whole movie feels like some waking nightmare about a lurking evil you can't quite remember after waking disoriented in your leopard print zodiac pajamas. The simple acts of ‘stalking’, ‘preparing for bed’ and ‘walking to class’ here become entire teen dream sequences, acted by glamorous aging aliens in '80s haute couture shoebox sets like something out of an experimental art installation built in a haze of lust and designer drugs.” (Patrick Pryor, Letterboxd)

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  • 90 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP