Wim Verstappen, Holland, 1971, Cult Epics, Cult

The most sensational Dutch taboo film of all time!

Upon its 1971 release, BLUE MOVIE was the most controversial and talked about Dutch film in that nation’s history -- a sensation that brought millions of visitors out to cinemas. Produced by Pim de la Parra (FRANK & EVA, OBSESSIONS), directed by his partner Wim Verstappen and featuring cinematography by Jan De Bont (TURKISH DELIGHT, BASIC INSTINCT), BLUE MOVIE’s success for Scorpio Films marked a high point of the Golden Years of Dutch Cinema, also known as the “Dutch Sex Wave”.

After five years in prison, ex-con Michael (FRANK & EVA’s Hugo Metsers) returns to a society where sexual freedom is now the norm. He yearns for sex, becoming fascinated by the amorous life of an attractive next-door neighbor (BUSINESS IS BUSINESS’s Carry Tefsen), eventually organizing a series of sordid get-togethers with her and the neighbors…

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  • 88 min.
  • Color
  • 1.66:1


  • DCP