Jerry Douglas, USA, 1975, Vinegar Syndrome, Arthouse

“A companion film of sorts to Radley Metzger's increasingly popular cult film SCORE, BOTH WAYS presents a more sobering look at male bisexuality during the '70s sexual revolution from the same writer, Jerry Douglas, who also takes on directing duties this time.

Suburban lawyer Donald (Gerald Grant, SCORE) splits his time between suburban family life with Janet (Andrea True, who later ditched porn to become a disco star) and time in the city with "best friend"/male lover Gary (Dean Tait). A "sucker for blondes" of both sexes, he traverses the worlds of upstate New York straight life and the gay scene of Greenwich Village, eventually embarking on an exploration of the swingers' scene with Janet.

BOTH WAYS has something very different on its mind than delivering mindless hardcore. The actual explicit material only makes up a tiny fraction, and the film’s more concerned with delivering a piercing character study of three characters in crisis and the obligatory '70s art cinema nods like kaleidoscopic visual effects. Douglas's direction is adventurous...he manages to generate an air of melancholy and dreaminess that's difficult to recapture today.” (Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital)

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  • 85 mins
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP