Ronald K. Armstrong, USA, 1997, Troma, Horror

"Wholesome, fun-loving entertainment that just happens to have a scene where a giant cricket uses a handgun to blow someone’s head off." –– BLEEDING SKULL! A 1990s TRASH-HORROR ODYSSEY

The debut from Black filmmaker Ronald K. Armstrong, BUGGED is an ultra-fun and ambitious DIY creature feature. Following a freak lab accident with major RE-ANIMATOR vibes, a woman named Devine hires the Dead and Buried Exterminators to rid her house of some overgrown crickets. The bug-busters soon realize that these aren’t just large crickets, but radioactive beasties with a lust for blood! Filled with goopy practical effects and a charming mood, BUGGED is an important and overlooked chapter of 1990s horror from a Black perspective.

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  • 82 min
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP