Mariano Baino, Russia, 1993, Severin Films, Horror

“A wonderfully dark supernatural affair, which takes takes visual cues from earlier Italian luminaries such as Argento and Bava. [It further] mixes with the world of ‘70s religious horror and the dark cosmic terror of H.P. Lovecraft to create something utterly spectacular.” -- Scott Macdonald, EuroCultAV

“I realize now that director Mariano Baino had no interest in making use of a classical narrative structure to tell the story. This film gave me the impression that someone was able to record another person's nightmare and turn it into a movie, with some editing work on the side.” -- Francisco R., Letterboxd

It has been acclaimed as “visually amazing” (Videoscope), “deeply disturbing” (BBC Radio One) and “a must see for serious horror buffs” (Film Review)...now experience the modern nunsploitation masterpiece on the big screen!

When a young Englishwoman discovers her mysterious connection to a remote island convent, she unlocks an unholy communion of torment, blasphemy and graphic demonic depravity.

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  • 94 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP