Mario Azzopardi, Canada, 1980, Vinegar Syndrome, Horror

A holy grail of Canuxploitation, on the big screen for the first time ever! This snowblind riff on the Stephen King legacy goes for maximum gore and other jolts, as it details one successful horror author’s descent into Me Decade madness.

Steven Lessey (a perfectly uptight Stephen Young) is a decadent horror writer living on the edge. In-between upscale drug parties and domestic decay, he desperately works through writer’s block by conjuring the most shocking and gross scenarios this side of EC Comics. This includes: a telepathic goat with a taste for farm equipment, children gleefully burning their grannie with gasoline, and a Nazi punk band whose sonics make hobos’ guts explode!

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  • 91 min
  • Color
  • 2.35:1


  • DCP