John Farris, USA, 1972, Vinegar Syndrome, Horror

“A weird combination of southern gothic, treasure hunt, and slasher film. A rich southern family has found itself in steep decline; there is hope, however, as a long-dead relative may have hidden a significant amount of money on their estate years ago. Oh, and a reformed axe-murderer has been brought home because of a football accident in the park.” -- DJ Anderson, Letterboxd

Back in 1943, Luddy (Patricia Carmichael, in a wonderfully, memorably nutty performance) viciously murdered her mother with an axe. Thirty years later and freshly released from the state mental hospital, deemed “cured” of her violent impulses, Luddy’s luck is turning around thanks to a chance encounter with the family of Delilah (Agnes Moorehead, “Bewitched”), the miserly matriarch of a large plantation estate.

She quickly finds herself hired as Delilah’s housekeeper, but no sooner than her arrival at the cavernous and secluded mansion, grisly murders begin to take place...

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  • 95 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP