Jacques Rivette, France, 1975, Arrow Films, Arthouse

“The second installment of a four-part series that was never completed, Rivette's film is a haunting fantasy about two goddesses (Bulle Ogier and Juliet Berto) who descend to contemporary Paris and battle for possession of a magic stone that will allow them to remain on earth.

The plot decodes into a conflict between the magical and the realistic cinema -- Lumiere versus Melies -- and Rivette works out this contradiction in long takes that encompass enigmatic situations and mysterious characters. Darker and quieter in tone than Rivette's better-known CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING, though just as inventive and cryptically intelligent.” (Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader)

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  • 121 min.
  • Color
  • 1.66:1


  • DCP


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