Joe Napolitano, USA, 1991, Multicom, Cult

An ex-prom queen returns from the hereafter to reshape the course of romance in this star studded ghostly comedy. Duke and Angela were the coolest couple on campus in 1962. When class brain Wayne begins tutoring Angela in history, unexpected amorous feelings blossom. Both Duke and Wayne plan to take Angela to the prom but before she can resolve her dilemma Angela is killed in a fatal car crash. Arriving in the afterlife, she comes face to face with her guardian angel, Mr. Tatum, who informs her that in order to get into heaven she must complete on e final earthly mission. The only problem is that he neglects to tell her just what that mission is!

Featuring Mark Hamill, Garrett Morris, Roddy McDowall, Cindy Williams (LAVERNE & SHIRLEY), Cathy Podwell (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS), Eric Estrada (CHiPs) and Dustin Nguyen (21 JUMP STREET), this delightful, star-studded made for TV comedy is now available to charm audiences everywhere!

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  • 92 min
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP