Frank Vitale, Canada, 1976, Canadian International Pictures, Cult

New 4K restoration from Canadian International Pictures!

Cindy (Andrée Pelletier) is outraged by the sadism of her pimp boyfriend Dan (Fernandes), so she turns her back on him and her seedy profession. As he attempts to lure her back, she doubles down on her rebellion by liberating new recruit Marianne (Anne-Marie Provencher) and giving safe haven to several of Dan’s most prized employees, crippling his business. As this gang of frustrated sex workers waits for the dust to settle, Dan grows incensed, escalating the dispute into a full-blown war. Leaning into his mafia connections and insatiable appetite for violence, Dan orders vicious retaliation… but Cindy has some tricks up her sleeve.

An unsung Canadian exploitation classic from acclaimed MONTREAL MAIN filmmaker Frank Vitale, EAST END HUSTLE is gritty, unblinking revenge saga that finds an unexpected balance of horror and humanity.

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  • 96 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP