Tobe Hooper, USA, 1969, AGFA, Cult

“It's a real movie about 1969, kind of vérité but with a little push, improvisation mixed with magic. It was about the beginning and end of the subculture. It’s a mixture of Warhol's TRASH and Disney's FANTASIA." -- Tobe Hooper

EGGSHELLS is the headiest “head” film you’ve never heard of, from the director and many crew members of the most magnificent THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE! Overflowing with creativity and positivity, full of Godard-like trickery and playful pop art inflections, Tobe Hooper populates EGGSHELLS not only with nubile nudes and a “crypto-embryonic hyper-electric presence”, but also a blistering score by Austin psych folk legends Shiva’s Headband.

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  • 89 min
  • Color
  • 1.37:1


  • DCP