Emanuelle and Françoise (AKA EMANUELLE’S REVENGE)

Joe D'Amato, Italy, 1975, Severin Films, Cult

Hot on the heels of EMMANUELLE’s first sequel -- and a year before his first of many variants with the iconic Laura Gemser -- Eurofilth maestro Joe D’Amato (PORNO HOLOCAUST) took the entire formula to new depths of depravity.

When a cold-hearted stud (George Eastman of ANTHROPOPHAGUS infamy) drives her sister to suicide, Emanuelle (Rosemarie Lindt, SALON KITTY and WHO SAW HER DIE?) plots a heavy seduction including sodomy, torture, lesbianism, cannibalism, meat cleavers and weapon-grade soundtrack cuts. This sickie is still extreme, aided by script touches by fellow filth maven Bruno Mattei (SHOCKING DARK).

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  • 96 min
  • Color
  • 1.78:1


  • DCP