Carlos Tobalina, USA, 1985, Vinegar Syndrome, Cult

“There comes a time in every divorced man's life (in-between splurging on hookers and gambling) when the notion of having your ex-wife killed and escaping those infernal alimony payments comes perilously close to becoming a reality. Flesh and Bullets tells the tale of two such charming men, and their STRANGERS ON A TRAIN-style bargain to each kill the other's bloodsucking wife.” (“Laurie”, Letterboxd)

One of the few non-X rated films directed by Carlos Tobalina, this sex-filled Hitchcock re-imagining finds a duo of unhappily married men with bloody pasts meeting in Vegas and hatch some evil schemes. However, in the process of preparing for their deadly plot, they become romantically attached to each of their targets! Will they be able to pull off the perfect murders or will love get in the way?

A sleazy mash up of grindhouse trash and melodrama featuring X-rated stars Mai Lin, Sharon Kelly and Bill Margold alongside B-movie greats Cornel Wilde (THE NAKED PREY), Yvonne De Carlo (THE MUNSTERS) and even Robert Z’Dar (MANIAC COP) in one of his first roles!

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  • 85 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP