Paul Morrissey, Italy, 1973, Vinegar Syndrome, Cult

“The blood splashes as noisily as an open fire hydrant.”
-- Nora Sayre, NEW YORK TIMES

A delectably gory and cynical social satire from acclaimed filmmaker Paul Morrissey (BLOOD FOR DRACULA), FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN is among the most original and transgressive interpretations of Mary Shelley’s classic novel. Baron von Frankenstein (Udo Kier, SUSPIRIA), with the help of his bizarre assistant Otto, is determined to create a new master race. To achieve his objective, he constructs two perfect “zombies” from an assemblage of body parts, intending them to mate. Meanwhile, complications ensue as Nicholas, a farm hand, begins an affair with the Baron’s sexually frustrated wife all while searching for his missing friend Nicholas (Joe Dallesandro, CRY BABY), whose head and brain have been used for Frankenstein’s male "zombie.” Upon its release, FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN became an immediate midnight and cult movie sensation. Now, the movie has been newly restored from its original negative!

Note: Available in both flat and 3-D versions.

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  • 95 mins.
  • Color
  • 2.35:1


  • 4K DCP