Len Anthony, USA, 1989, Vinegar Syndrome, Horror

“Who other than Len Anthony would have a scene in which a frat member fake-slits his wrists in front of other students because he didn’t get a manicure, and then breaks into a rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ with his frat brothers?” (Phil Wheat, Nerdly)

Len Anthony: one of the strangest trash auteurs to emerge from the ‘80s NYC scene. Len had a habit of not finishing films he started -- instead cobbling together his features each time from the remains of at least one previously aborted production. This resulted in some of the most unique Frankenstein-ed film products of their era.

“An alien transmission from another dimension, where Lucio Fulci is from New Jersey and schlock comedian Al Lewis becomes both a voice of reason and possibly the Devil Himself, this hour-long psychotronic trip to Nowheresville, USA is an outlandish work of perverse anti-logic. The movie opens with a scummy bit of softcore heavy petting between its mulleted hero (Paul Borghese) and his distant fiancee, before launching into a narrative involving a female cult of Satan worshippers and a haunted house inherited by a fraternity.” (Jacob Knight, Birth. Movies. Death.)

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  • 65 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP