Bruce D. Clark, USA, 1981, Shout! Factory, Horror

Frantically riding the line between fractured space-opera psychodrama and unrepentant grotesque sleaze, GALAXY OF TERROR is not technically co-directed by a young James Cameron — but is basically co-sculpted by a young James Cameron, who assumed production/costume/SFX design duties for Roger Corman and made GALAXY a very dry run for techniques later used in ALIENS.

An intergalactic salvage crew is called to a barren planet to check on the survivor of a previous mission (sound familiar?), but in the process after discovering a forboding space pyramid, each crew member is picked off by a completely different monster ranging from a space werewolf to a dude’s own maggoty severed arm!

The film takes the “monster from within” premise that’s the backbone of both FORBIDDEN PLANET and SOLARIS (yep, that’s correct, SOLARIS), and tosses in killer set design alongside an ultimate B-movie Cast Of The Damned: Sid Haig, Robert England, Eddie Albert, Ray Walston, Joanie from TV’s “Happy Days” and even “Red Shoe Diaries” creator Zalman King.

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  • 81 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP