Bill Norton, USA, 1972, Shout! Factory, Horror

For decades, CBS used their "Movie Of The Week" umbrella to showcase failed pilots, experimental spin-offs, made-for-TV movies, made-for-real-movies and Gary Coleman. Most of these are considered "disposable artifacts," but only one of these is the pinnacle of grown men in rubber monster suits ripping the doors off of automobiles. And it's called GARGOYLES! Shot on the cheap in only two weeks, this landmark dose of nightmare fuel explodes with Gargoyles punching walls, Gargoyles blowing up cabins and Gargoyles attempting to date humans. If that's all GARGOYLES had to offer, it’d still be the most obscenely fun made-for-TV horror ever. But you also have creatures by Stan Winston (ALIENS), Bernie Casey’s voice through a vocoder, and a secret word summoning the Gargoyles from the depths of hell -- "Nakatekachinko!"

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  • 74 min.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP