Eugene Lourie, UK, 1961, VCI Entertainment, Cult

"For awesome technical wizardry and the boiling crescendo of its climax — the most hair-raising close-up of metropolitan panic we've ever seen on film — this is probably the best outright monster shocker since KING KONG." - THE NEW YORK TIMES

Can’t decide between a classic Godzilla film and a cup of Earl Grey tea? Well, you're in luck! GORGO, the UK’s legendary contribution to mid-century monstermania, remains powerfully entertaining over 50 years later. Irish fishermen net an enormous lizard off the coast and sell it to a London circus. It’s the biggest thing to hit the city . . . until the little buddy’s mama arrives to take custody! The movie that inspired SPIDER-MAN co-creator Steve Ditko's comic book adaptation, GORGO is a furious firestorm of reptilian wrath, amplified by the shrieks of the innocent! Oh boy!!

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  • 78 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP