Andy Miligan, USA, 1970, AGFA, Horror

“One of Andy Milligan's period films, this one is set in Medieval times on the fictional island of ‘Mortavia.’ Mortavia is often condemned in the film as being a "beastly island," and if this is an analogy for Andy's homeland of Staten Island, then there's as much bashing of that turf as you'd find in your average "Lost Honeymooners" episode. Actually, most of it was shot in St. Peter's Church in Manhattan, giving the film a gothic feel...but this doesn't prevent Andy from giving us glimpses of modern light switches or the sounds of early morning traffic.” -- DVD Drive-In

A deranged 15th century prison colony chaplain exploits his power to get money for his church...including murder and grave robbing committed by his vampire mistress and one-eyed hunchback assistant!

Trash auteur Andy Milligan often utilized ancient NYC interiors to replicate European gothic flavors. GURU is a prime example of ingenuity, necessity and a genuine seething hatred of all mankind joining forces to birth a unique exploitation gem.

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  • 56 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP