Mark and John Polonia, USA, 1986, Sub Rosa Studios, Horror

“Feels like a mutant three-way between David Cronenberg, Kenneth Anger, and Tex Avery in David “The Rock” Nelson’s basement.”

The first full-length, shot-on-video (SOV) miracle from Mark and John Polonia (SPLATTER FARM, BAD MAGIC), HALLUCINATIONS is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. When teenage twin brothers (the Polonias) are left home alone with their friend (co-director Todd Michael Smith), they come face-to-face with a house full of phantasms. A kitten is mutilated by a chainsaw. A severed leg appears in a refrigerator. A Freddy Krueger-esque slasher shows up wearing an Adidas snowsuit. But the gross-out gags are slowly engulfed by sexual perversion, including bondage, genital mutilation, and a giant penis monster that lurks in the shower. Eerie, dream-like, and containing surprisingly mature themes, HALLUCINATIONS is easily one of the most important films in SOV horror history.

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  • 60 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP


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