Hideo Sekigawa, Japan, 1953, Arrow Films, Arthouse

A powerful evocation of the devastation wrought by the world’s first deployment of the atomic bomb and its aftermath, Hideo Sekigawa’s HIROSHIMA is a harrowing, but ultimately moving drama about the suffering and survival of a group of teachers, their students, and their families on the fateful day of August 6, 1945. Based on Dr. Arata Osada's 1951 book Children of the A Bomb: Testament of the Boys and Girls of Hiroshima, and directed by independent filmmaker Hideo Sekigawa, HIROSHIMA also features an all-star cast including Yumeji Tsukioka (LATE SPRING), Isuzu Yamada (THRONE OF BLOOD), and Eiji Okada (HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR), along with an estimated 90,000 residents of the city as extras. Out of circulation since its initial release in 1953 due to the impact and political sensitivity of its message, this masterpiece of Japanese cinema has been restored to its complete original version.

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  • 85 mins.
  • B/W
  • 1.37:1


  • DCP