Donald Wolfe, USA, 1970, Vinegar Syndrome, Horror

“Hey, you got your scuzzy serial killer movie in my hag psychodrama!” - Liz, LETTERBOXD

Vic Valance (David Garfield) has manipulated his way into working at the decaying mansion of a once prolific, but now reclusive and alcoholic, movie star named Katharine Packard (Miriam Hopkins). As Vic begins behaving in erratic ways, it becomes clear that he's far more sinister than his demeanor implies and might be a vicious serial killer who has been murdering and dismembering middle-aged women in Hollywood! A psychedelic proto-slasher by way of SUNSET BOULEVARD, HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE (aka SAVAGE INTRUDER) was shot by writer/producer/director Donald Wolfe, with funding provided by his star home bus tour company. Chock full of lurid, candy-colored freak-outs shot by John Morrill (A BOY AND HIS DOG) along with surprisingly grisly murder set pieces, HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE ramps up the weirdness all the way through to its demented final act. Newly restored in 4k from its original 35mm camera negative!

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  • 100 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP